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School Photo Ordering Information

School Photo Distribution: If a package/photo was ordered during the prepay session, it will be distributed in each student's English class on Monday and Tuesday. If a package/photo was ordered after the prepay session, it should arrive at a later date, but it is encouraged to verify this with the photo company ( and Mr. Gilson.

Proof Card Emails: Families were sent a proofcard recently via Parent/Guardian's email of their student's school photo if they took a photo in October. However, if you did not receive an email or cannot access your account and believe your student did take a school photo, please email Mr. Gilson at He will be able to assist you.
Still want to order a photo or package? You are still able to! Please log into your student's account at If you need help accessing your account, please see the note above by Proof Card Emails. 
Please check your spam folders for an email from
Any additional questions can be emailed to Mr. Gilson at
Use the link below: