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Eastchester Middle School Artists

Canopic Jars

Sixth graders in Eastchester Middle School connected history and art when they designed and drew pictures of Egyptian Canopic jars. These jars were used in ancient times to store mummified remains of a person entering the afterlife.

Eastchester students chose an animal to act as the top of the jar and employed hieroglyphics and symbols used in ancient times.

Follow this link to view the students’ work.

Perspective Drawings

Seventh grade artists in Eastchester Middle School created perspective drawings last semester.  Perspective drawing is a technique developed and used during the Renaissance to capture our world accurately on the two-dimensional plane. It requires both accuracy and focus, using rulers, straight lines and vanishing points.  Each class explored and practiced during many classes before the drawings could be developed.  One of the core elements of learning perspective drawing can be taking risks and learning from mistakes. Students embraced this assignment and met the challenge with ease.

Seventh graders developed their own room or space, and the only requirement was to use perspective on all of the sidewalls, ceiling and floor.  The rest of the design was entirely left to their creativity.  The results are so varied and unique, really showing each student's personality. These were completed both at home and in the classroom, watching daily demonstrations on a document camera.

Please follow this link to view the students’ artwork.

Onomatopoeia Pop Art

Eighth Graders at Eastchester Middle School used the concept of onomatopoeia in their projects.  Onomatopoeia refers to words whose pronunciation imitates the sounds they describe.  This concept has been used in comic book illustrations for decades and is popular among artists in the Pop Art style.

After some research and exploration, EMS students selected their own word to develop an illustration. Their art had to both depict the words' sound but also capture characteristics of the Pop Art style.  Bright colors, bold lines and repeating shapes are common elements often seen in this type of art.

Please follow this link to view the students’ work.