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Eastchester Middle School Artists Mixed Media Creations

Students in Kimberly Dorsey's class have worked on approximately 25 pieces of art this year in their art class, taught by Sarah Simeone.  These Eastchester artists are still going strong and recently completed two mixed media creations, that are now on display in the Middle School. 

As part of one project called "Nighttime Owls," students created a clay owl, using air dry clay. Each owl is decorated in unique color and texture, chosen by the artist.  After the owls were completed, they were glued to a circular background.

"We added in an actual tree branch along with some stars and a moon," said art teacher Sarah Simeone. "This mixed media approach to creation is popular with students as it engages multiple aspects of creation and uses a variety of material choices." 

The second project, "Colorful Cities", is a cardboard relief. Students used cardboard to create a layered city, starting from the largest and tallest buildings in the back and working their way forward. The project works with the elements of space, texture and color. Some cardboard pieces were even torn to make a textured appearance. Artists added windows and other unique details and then colored the reliefs with oil pastels.

Artists on display: Diego Castro, Hannah Cho, Liam Inglis, Ethan Lupow, Stefano Rodriguez and Matteo Valencic.

Please follow this link to view the collection.